Retail Marketing Automation Technology

Out of the red and into the black

The Challenge

Vodafone asked us to co-ordinate and streamline the distribution and management of massive volumes of point of sale (POS) material, with a view to reducing the overall cost of Vodafone’s retail in store marketing by £500,000 within a 12 month period.

Our Solution

We provided solutions to markedly streamline stock management for Vodafone that were implemented by our MauveTech team. Our bespoke cloud-based platform set a number of parameters, including for maximum and minimum order details, and provided intelligent reports and notifications for short stock and inventory ‘life expectancy’, based on past purchasing data. We also streamlined artwork generation using automated artworking for ticketing, which was fundamental to reducing both cost and waste, and saving time.

A dedicated helpline during business hours (and weekends, if necessary) was also established to handle complex orders and client queries. Our team monitored all purchases and consolidated orders to save money where possible.

These solutions were applied in cohesion with our MauveFulfilment team, and their attention to detail and vast experience in large-scale distribution were key to successfully administering the smart technological solutions.

The Result

Our centralised physical storage and distribution for all the in store marketing materials achieved an estimated cost saving of 30%, as well as a 50% reduction in ticketing costs. Our intuitive and intelligent solution maximised effectiveness, and Vodafone relied on us for a huge proportion of their distributive needs.

“The current methodology just involved too many steps. Things have just evolved that way over time and it was crying out to be simplified.”

Six Sigma Project Manager


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