Case Study

Health and Beauty Brand Sampling Fulfilment


The Challenge

L'Oréal Dermatological Beauty Division had stock stored in a range of places like sales reps' homes, in storage units, etc. and had no visibility of where sampling stock was located. When sales reps needed more stock, they had to send out 20-30 smaller orders to reps multiple times, which was an increasing cost to deliver.

Reps also had to spend up to 2 hours a day travelling and organising shipping of samples which was valuable time that could be spent contacting and building relationships with more GPs. With all reps doing their own shipping, this led to a lack of consistency on shipping pricing and paying standard public rates.


  • Single Storage Location
  • Ordering System
  • Delivery
Loreal Sampling Fulfilment

Our Solution

The MauveFulfilment team offered L'Oréal a single storage location for samples and L'Oréal only had to send out one bulk order to us, instead of 20-30 smaller orders. We worked with them to better forecast demand for samples to ensure better availability to their end customers. L'Oréal could also tap into our preferential shipping rates that we have due to our large volume of shipping.

We also created an online order form that was sent out to GPs, and given out at industry trade fairs, for them to place orders themselves. All orders were also assessed to make sure that GPs weren't over-ordering. The form was linked to our warehouse management system so that all data was collected in one place and shared with L'Oréal to help them to make informed decisions on stock levels, report on ROI and create sales estimates.

Loreal Sampling MauveTech Platform

The Result

The MauveFulfilment team provided more detailed reporting to assist with better stock management and controls over distributions, and created an ordering platform to simplify the process for GPs and reps to order samples. 

In the first 9 months of the project, samples were shipped to over 2,250 GPs, with 805,000 samples distributed and 563,000 estimated patients reached -  resulting in estimated sales of over £3.38million.

Loreal Sampling Picking and Packing

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