Case Study

Specsavers Experiential Displays

The Challenge

Working collaboratively with our partner Specsavers, our MauveCreative team created two unique exhibition stands for both the Marketing and Domiciliary (Home Visits) Departments for their annual partner conference at the ICC.

The client's main focus was on sustainability and being able to reuse the stands again and again. A few weeks later, we adapted the Domiciliary stand to accommodate the new floor plan for an external event for UK Care Week at the Birmingham NEC. With the solution MauveCreative provided against the brief, we were able to repurpose and reuse the stand for future use.

The Domiciliary team was celebrating their 10-year anniversary of providing their home visits service in 2024. Their objective was to showcase and celebrate their service offering with a show-stopping stand to inform their partners of their service offering. MauveCreative created a life-size car alongside a home environment, in line with the home visits service offering, ensuring the stands were both eye-catching and engaging.

The Marketing team was looking to create a real Specsavers store look and feel and ensure they were providing an inviting and welcoming space for the partners to engage with. MauveCreative included a game to entice the partners to enter the "store" environment as an ice-breaker moment to ensure the stand felt relaxed and informal but also engaging, with some added fun for the Specsavers partners to enjoy.


  • Creative Design
  • 3D Renders 
  • Print & Framework 
  • Delivery & Installation

Our Solution

Initially, we began the creative process with scamp sketches to illustrate our conceptual designs against each of the client briefs. We wanted to ensure the Home Visits (Domiciliary) stand was a welcoming and "cozy" environment with our life-sized wooden car, while the Marketing stand portrayed a typical Specsavers store for partners to feel welcomed and at home.

Throughout the project, we worked collaboratively with the Specsavers Brand teams. Once we had approval on our sketches, we then created and produced 3D renders of the chosen concepts to really showcase the look and feel and bring them to life. Once the renders were approved, we worked on the artwork, and thereafter, we ensured there was a test rig with the chosen modular solution, which was filmed and shared with the Specsavers partners prior to going live at the events.

MauveCreative’s solution, in terms of chosen materials, ensured both stands were modular in approach, reusable, and for this reason, sustainable. This allowed the Specsavers team to revise the footprint easily and adapt the design to accommodate further future events. A few weeks later, we did just that and redesigned a smaller stand for the Home Visits team, utilising the existing stand and adapting it to accommodate Specsavers' new floorplan at the NEC.

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Specsavers Store Roll Out Case Study Images 1300x730 2

The Result

Within a month, all three stands were featured at two separate events before being safely stored away for future use by MauveCreative. The adaptable framework of the stands enables each stand to be repurposed for future use, ensuring they are not only flexible but sustainable at the same time.

The stands generated significant buzz and provided focal points at each event, enabling the team to have engaging interactions with teams, customers, and colleagues.

The Specsavers teams were delighted with the end results and the process throughout of working collaboratively with the MauveCreative team. The results for the consumer-facing event were really strong, enabling the Specsavers Home Visits team to engage with over 50 Care Home Managers at the UK Care Week event at the NEC.

Maral Heidari – Systems and Operations Consultant at Specsavers commented:

 "We had a great experience working with Mauveworx on our stand. They managed to turn everything around really quickly, especially as the stand was originally slightly bigger and had to be adapted to fit the floor plan at the NEC. We gained a lot more exposure due to the design of the stand, especially the car at the show, which attracted more people to engage with us. The team at Mauveworx worked very hard to meet all the requirements for the NEC and our vision. Everything was set up by the time I got there, which made the overall experience even better."

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