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mauve tech

What do we do?

We're based in Dorset, but our work ends up all over the world. We create, automate, print and distribute a range of marketing materials for brands, retailers and agencies of all shapes and sizes. Partnering with you, we help to optimise your budget. Working with many household brands on their creative and in-store print, we have delivered proven results in saving time and money, while delivering quality within budget.

Our facilities empower us to create stunning solutions for your business, whether that's motion graphics for your social media page, point of sale (POS) for your upcoming promotions or being the hub for your marketing campaign, from the idea stage to final delivery.

How are we different?

So, what separates us from the many other retail and brand marketing businesses out there? Well that’s easy, it’s the people. Our specifically assigned Client Service team work hand in hand with you, working as one team to create some of the most engaging marketing experiences in the retail and brand industry. Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with POS, digital imagery and more.

We are always working towards providing that powerful, creative and engaging experience that your business is looking for. Having large-format print capabilities, as well as screen, digital, litho and more, all under one roof, allows us to have full visualisation of your projects.