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What is POS/POP?

POS/POP are types of printed displays used for in-store marketing. The types of displays we typically produce for brands and retailers include freestanding display units (FSDUs), counter top units (CTUs), posters, standees, wobblers, bollard covers and much more. Just ask! 

Do you provide a full service for producing POS displays (printing, assembling, pre-filling products, and delivering to retailers)?

Yes, we can work with you from start to finish. We can print from artwork that you provide, or artwork that's designed by our agency, MauveCreative, all the way through to delivery into stores. And this process is fully managed by our reliable account management teams. The displays can be delivered flat packed or assembled with the products in situ – all produced under one roof at our premises in Dorset.

What’s your standard lead time?

We'll always work with your lead time to get your projects completed as quickly as possible. For example, an FSDU can typically be produced between 7-10 working days (depending on production quantity).

Can you recommend and offer sustainable materials?

We can print on a range of materials, and are happy to offer sustainable and cost-effective options to best suit your project. We have numerous sustainability accreditations including FSC®-accredited materials. 

Are your point of sale (POS) displays permanent, semi-permanent or temporary?

We specialise in semi-permanent and temporary displays (often using cardboard) to support short-term campaigns and promotions.

What print types do you offer?

We offer large and small format print using digital, litho and screen printing processes. We also offer comprehensive finishing services, such as gluing and assembly, all under one roof.

Do I need to provide my own artwork?

You can provide your own artwork, or you can work with our award-winning creative agency, MauveCreative, that has the shopper expertise to make your display ready for retail.


Do you have off-the-shelf units?

Our display units are typically bespoke, but we also have plenty of previous displays in our library that might suit your needs - we're always happy to help.

Do you produce your own outer delivery packaging?

Yes, we have an in-house box maker which is cost-effective, reduces waste and cuts down on carbon footprint by not shipping air.

Do you produce white mockups in advance of production?

Yes, we mock up everything as standard. We have an in-house 3D cardboard engineering team who create displays, weight test with your products, and ensure displays are engineered for cost-effective mass production.

Are you a Boots and Superdrug-approved supplier?

Yes, we're on the supplier roster for many retailers including Boots and Superdrug, and create displays to meet all their requirements.

Can your POS displays be recycled?

Recyclability is dependent on the materials used. Cardboard is one of our most common materials, and it can go in standard store-level recycling facilities. We're always looking into the latest sustainable materials and processes to recommend to you.

Are there any specific retail dimensions/standards for displays, or can you customise it as much as you want?

Each retailer has their own set of guidelines that each supplier must follow (i.e. footprints, heights, price points on artwork, etc.), and they all slightly differ.

However, dependent on what is agreed with the specific retailer, they may allow you to have a bespoke-style display. We can work together to decide how you'd like this to look, or they may ask you to produce a more standard-style display.

Does a FSDU need to be on a CHEP pallet, or it can stand without it? How do you usually transport them?

All requirements are different depending on the style of display. But if you are looking to deliver a display to one of the retailers pre-filled with your product, then delivery on a CHEP pallet would be a requirement due to transporting at this weight, along with movement in-store. 

However, if the stores are loading the product onto the display themselves, they can be delivered flat packed ready to be loaded in store with a load-up sheet showing the products, and how and where they sit. This is a cheaper way to deliver your display.

Can I get something created that's similar to what I've already seen in store?

If you've seen something in store that you like, then share those images with us. We've likely produced something similar before.

Can you produce a display from a photo or creative image?

Yes - our MauveCreative and MauvePrint teams can work together to create any shape and size within retail guidelines.

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