Our findings from the VM & Display show 2018

The VM & Display show 2018 was full of inspirational design and was a great opportunity to learn about newly emerging trends in the industry.

Most exhibits were geared towards large installations suited to shop windows or large retail spaces. Exhibitors were keen to share their knowledge of materials and production methods used in their pieces – some of which would be easily achievable here at mauveworx.

Given the opportunity, the mauveworx creative team could easy apply their structural design skills to create design drawings suitable for permanent/premium materials similar to those exhibited in the show.

Exhibitors primarily used the show to promote their ability to execute either their own vision or that of their client. In some cases this involved finding a material for texture or to give visual impact from non-conventional sources. Currently only occasionally do we get a brief that requires us to experiment with non-stock materials. Seeing the variety of samples on offer at the show made me realise just how adventurous we could be. That said, many of the ideas which were showcased were possible to recreate in a similar fashion using materials and production methods currently available at mauveworx.

If we were to consider exhibiting mauveworx at this show in the future, I’d advise doing what some of the exhibitors had done – re-use existing projects. One exhibitor had two giant elephants bursting from a central wall. Originally this was designed for John Lewis. The project had been so successful they’d re-used it – one in a patterned print and one in mirror board. They’d created a scaffolding style frame around their space which had printed material over the walls to create an open room (the type you see on landmarks/buildings undergoing renovation). Die cut leaves hung overhead which created a ceiling and low level lighting had been used to create a space with a totally different vibe to that of the large open exhibition hall. I could imagine creating a similar space using an Egyptian theme to showcase the sphinx head we did for monster, the dog we did for coke and the cat we did for Vodafone.

One of the more stimulating displays was a giant marble run with a motorised wheel which reloaded the marbles creating a continuous display of movement and sound. It was made from MDF and not at a scale suited to our business, however, this reminded me of the project we produced for a Clarks window display, it was in the shape of a conveyer belt. Although there was no actual belt we used one motor to drive a series of cogs. I remember seeing a crowd of people admiring it in the Bournemouth store. There are definitely opportunities for mauveworx to revisit the more premium projects market.

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