James Martin

Managing Director

The skipper of the ship. James’ scientific background hasn’t been wasted in the 25+ years he has spent at Mauveworx. Thriving off creative solutions, his analytical judgment has led to many innovations, in multiple departments, and it is this adaptive creativity that gives him his kicks on a daily basis.

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Toby Martin

Sales and Marketing Director

Toby has been in the print industry working with retailers and brands for over 25 years. He has a plethora of expertise covering the end-to-end requirements of campaign and semi-permanent POS that clients require. Toby continues to look at trends and habits to help the business keep ahead of the competition in this fast-moving service sector.

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Roy Parker


Roy has a wealth of experience in design manufacturing and sales, having built a number of companies from start-up to multi-million pound international businesses, two of which achieved the coveted Queen’s Award for Export.


Nick Fitz-Gerald

Finance Director

Nick qualified as a Chartered accountant with Spicer & Pegler. Following time in South Africa as an audit manager, his early career saw exposure to retail and distribution sectors developing expertise in implementing systems, process and governance. Since the mid-1990s, he worked in the real estate sector specialising in corporate outsourcing, and held a number of FD roles taking on APAC responsibilities in early 2000, then taking over as EMEA FD for a large US Real Estate service provider. More recently, he worked with SME organisations helping grow business on a sound commercial financial footing. He joined us in March 2016 and is now our Finance Director.


Mark Hayes

Production Director

Mark has over 25 years’ experience within the Printing Industry. In fact, apart from a 2 year period that he refers to as a “period of defection” his entire working life has been spent in Print. Mark began his career as an Office Junior, and the many varied roles that he has held over the following years have contributed to a comprehensive and varied understanding of life within a Printing business. He is deeply passionate about all things Operational and is driven by a desire to understand what we do, how we do it and how we might improve.

Ian Turner

Senior Account Director - Print

Ian has been at Mauveworx for more than 8 years. He is a process driven individual and has been embedded in various client sites overs the years to drive change. He enjoys building client relationships, understanding their needs, and really getting under the skin of their businesses. One of Ian's key attributes is his knowledge of our MauveTech platform, and he works closely with the Tech team to deliver hugely successful transitions and implement time-saving efficiencies. Ian has successfully managed the transition and implementation of nationwide platform roll outs into over 2200 retail stores, some of which required him to be based overseas short term. He also has a creative edge and vision, delivering innovative POS to our clients across the board. Outside of work, Ian is a keen ‘outdoorsy person’, often travelling the country in his camper van, loaded up with his mountain bike to search out the biggest jumps and steepest downhill tracks! When he is not on the bike, you’ll often find him up a mountain with his wife and dog, or swimming in the sea midwinter.

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Tom Flynn

Account Director

Tom started his career in print and POS in 2002 and worked on the print presses themselves to kickstart his trade. Since joining Mauveworx 18 years ago, Tom has worked in several departments throughout the business, both shop floor and office based, building up a vast amount of experience. Now in his role as Account Director, this experience offers him a wealth of knowledge to confidently problem solve with his clients and maximise on his clients return of investment. One of Tom’s key attributes is growing and nurturing relationships, and ensuring that he and his team deliver on all SLAs & KPIs. This, coupled with a creative and innovative approach has helped him deliver a first-class end to end service over the years.

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Dan Felton

Head of Product and Fulfilment

Dan joined Mauveworx in October 2020 as the Head of Product and Fulfilment, and brings over 10 years of experience in building new brands and logistics, with a background predominately in e-commerce. On the Fulfilment side of his role, Dan currently works with solely print customers and their goods not for resale (GNFR). This involves holding stock from print runs, and some third-party items, and then allowing stores to use MauveTech to order the remaining stock as and when they need it. Contrasting this, the Product element of Dan’s position allows him to manage an array of products ranging from PPE used by the NHS under MauveProducts, to pop-up, colour-in desks for children as part of our The Toy Tribe collection.

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Alice Gardner

Creative Group Account Director

Alice joined our in-house MauveCreative agency in 2020 as Creative Group Account Director, after working in marketing for over 15 years - specialising in shopper marketing. Her role involves working with clients to deliver fully integrated end to end campaigns, ensuring the correct messaging is delivered at the correct time throughout the shopper journey / brand experience. In addition, Alice supports brands with campaign strategy and media planning, and takes the results to learn and drive future campaigns forward based on insight. Proud to have delivered award winning multi-channel campaigns for clients.

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