Mauve Retailer, our POS campaign management technology has been loved by clients and a market leading platform for over 20 years.

Mauve Retailer, our advanced technology platform, has been built in collaboration with retailers to improve processes and fix issues. The focus has been on simplifying complex processes to save time, save money, improve efficiency and accelerate campaigns to market. Consisting of 12, highly configurable, interactive modules, Mauve Retailer provides the tools to profile stores

and create, manage, and distribute point-of-sale materials and campaigns. Mauve Retailer is loved by clients and has been a market leading platform for over 20 years.

Automated ticketing and dynamic publishing

Create campaign artwork quicker than you can brief your agency. Create anything from simple tickets to complex, multi-page artwork, making live corrections as you seamlessly flow through our fully integrated, online proofing process. A simple demonstration will open your eyes to the potential savings.

Streamline proofing and artwork approval

Remove proofing from your email and centrally manage your collaborative comments and corrections. Send clear instructions to your agency and monitor versions and changes. Complex approval matrix can mimic your internal processes, and a full audit history allows you see all changes and approvals.

Store and manage digital assets

Centrally store and manage all of your digital assets and documents with full support for versioning. Advanced user management allows you strictly control document access. Create dynamic lightboxes that can be private or shared.

Profiling, allocations and distributions

Centrally store all profiling details for your retail estate. Create sophisticated, targeted allocations to calculate distribution quantities and create picking sheets and delivery notes for each store.

Store ordering

Allow your stores to visually order marketing materials from an online catalogue and mitigate the burden on your marketing department while ensuring that they get the correct POS first time.

Assisting new stores and refits