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By March 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Six Top Tips for Working from Home

Welcome to a small blog regarding top tips for working from home that we feel have helped our employees master the life of working at home. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in uncertain circumstances as a result of Covid-19, with many of us now working home-based on government advice. This may well be common practice within some organisations for the odd day, however, for longer periods it can be harder to adjust properly. Here are six top tips that will help you get stuff done whilst working from home.

Create a workspace where you are able to focus and avoid distractions

In an ideal world, remote employees would have not only a dedicated office but also two computers, one for work and one for personal use. However, some find themselves being in a situation where your personal laptop will now become your work laptop as well. When your laptop is hooked up to a monitor and external keyboard, it’s work time, on the other hand when it’s on your lap, that’s personal time. This will allow you to get in the mindset of work reducing your distractions and increasing your productivity. Avoiding working in your bedroom, keep your bedroom as a sacred space for sleeping and relaxing where work is banned. It will help the work-life divide a little clearer.

Get yourself into a balanced routine

This involves setting a schedule and sticking to it, well most of the time! Having a clear schedule setting out when to take breaks, when to do specific tasks, and when to call it a day helps remote workers maintain the work-life balance. Some will get up, and start work in their pyjamas, but washing and getting dressed will not only improve your state of mind, but it will also psychologically prepare you to start work. This doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a shirt and tie, but it creates that working mindset.

Exercise regularly to keep the brain healthy

Know your company’s policy on break times and take them. Utilise them to get your blood flowing around the body. Even going for a small 10-minute walk will allow you to isolate yourself from your computer and get some fresh air. There is a huge amount of bodyweight routines you can find online or on YouTube which will help with exercising regularly (Here is a small video that you can use as an example). Try to maintain a good posture whilst working, as being at home your set up will be different from your office, therefore it is vital you maintain a good posture to prevent back pains.

Stay in touch with family and friends

When working from home, you will want to minimise distractions but don’t shut yourself away from the world. You can still do daily activities such as taking deliveries, talking to family, helping the kids out but set out a clear line so that your productivity doesn’t suffer. Within your breaks suggest exercising with family members, take the dogs out, socialise where possible.

Utilise your freedom by pushing your everyday boundaries

Working from home is not something that will come naturally to some as this is not part of normality. However, this is the chance to do tasks where you may not have done in the office, help out team members that you feel are struggling, offer to take on work, take the opportunity to develop in areas where you may have been struggling. With your workload potentially decreasing this is the ideal opportunity to strengthen areas where you feel you lack; this will certainly impress your management team.

Listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks

If you live on your own, or family are out, working from home can seem extremely lonely, as you don’t have your colleagues around you. Listening to podcasts, music or audiobooks is a great way to prevent this, however, don’t let this distract you. Listen to audiobooks specific to your work life as you may learn new things and can apply this to your work. Podcasts are a great way to relax the mind and the body, as well as increasing your focus. If you have a lively household with kids and pets etc, these can help you escape your surroundings.

We hope these tips can help you feel more comfortable when working from home and increase productivity. If you have used any of these tips and felt that have worked for you, we would love to know about this! It is important we all stay positive in situations like this and most of all stay safe.

Mauveworx Team