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We’ve developed MauveTech over the last 20+ years, in collaboration with retailers such as Vodafone, Toolstation, Specsavers and Carpetright, to make your working life easier.

Designed for retailers, we meet the needs of your brand, and make sure that you only pay for what you need. Our add-on modules provide you with the tools to easily profile stores and create, order, and distribute point-of-sale materials, campaigns and GNFR (goods not for resale).

Join the UK’s top brands and retailers who rely on MauveTech to simplify complex processes and save significant time and money on operational marketing spend, improve efficiency, and accelerate campaigns to market.

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Mauveworx MauveTech Automated Artwork Generation Retail

Automated Artwork Generation

Take the monotony out of generating artwork

  • Save days and weeks on artwork creation and proofing
  • Create anything from simple tickets to complex, multi-page artwork, making live corrections as you go
  • Automatically merge spreadsheets with templates to generate thousands of print-ready artwork in minutes
  • Generate accurate, brand-compliant artwork every time

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I can now generate my campaign artwork quicker than it took to brief my agency” – Marketing & Implementation Executive

Store Profiling and Distribution

Reduce print costs and avoid unnecessary waste

  • Profile stores and collect images and floor plans to get a visual representation of any store
  • Guarantee that you print the right number of materials for each store
  • Collect information such as region, display areas, POS receptacles and window sizes, run your campaign distribution and make sure that stores receive the right materials
  • Plan campaigns based on display areas and receptacles
  • Centrally maintain a list of all your retail stores
Mauveworx MauveTech Store Profiling
Mauveworx MauveTech Online Proofing

Online Proofing

Get proofing out of your inbox and get real work done

  • Remove proofing from your email and manage your collaborative comments and corrections in one place
  • Make sure that everyone is proofing the current version
  • Avoid conflicting amendments through collaboration
  • Send clear instructions to your agency and monitor versions and changes
  • Mimic your internal processes with a complex or simple approval matrix
  • See all changes and approvals with full audit history

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Digital Asset Management

Take control of your digital assets

  • Store, manage and download all of your digital assets and documents in one place – from PDFs and Word documents, to images and fonts
  • Reduce using unapproved assets by controlling who can see them
  • Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced assets
  • Maintain brand consistency and integrity by storing your latest brand guidelines
  • Maintain history of asset versions
  • Collaborate and share assets, and find them quickly with easy search
MauveTech Digital Asset Management Library Retail Marketing
Mauveworx MauveTech Store Ordering

Store Ordering

Lighten the load on your marketing department

  • Allow your stores to visually order marketing materials from an online catalogue – from POS, to uniforms and consumables
  • Set rules to gain head office approval, and prevent stores ordering out-of-date promotions
  • Define monthly store ordering budgets
  • Spot trends when stores over-order
  • Track parcels, and see all packing and delivery charges

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Designed to work from home - anywhere, any time

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Active development with regular updates
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MauveTech Case Studies

“I can now generate my campaign artwork quicker than it took to brief my agency”

CharlesMarketing & Implementation Executive

"MauveTech has made our marketing team far more efficient”

JoannaHead of Brand, Carpetright

"We received our first new device brief this morning at 11 am, and the artwork was created in less than 5 mins. Just incredible! This process, from the first brief to the first round of artwork, would usually take up to 5 days to get back. Thanks so much"

BethChannel Marketing Brand Specialist, Vodafone

“We have been working with Mauveworx now for over 15 years, and the platform is retailer-focused, allowing us to manage all aspects of our point of sale, allowing us to save time and money.

The interface is easy and intuitive, which is great for our store partners, and we use it to manage our entire UK and ROI estates, which is over 800 stores. We use it to keep track of all of our centralised point of sale send-outs and also individual store orders.

The team at Mauveworx have got a real can-do attitude and has helped us maintain a long partnership, and I would have no hesitation recommending working with them“

RossGroup Head of Marketing Operations, Specsavers
Retail Marketing Resource Management