Release Notes - August 2022

Your MauveTech experience is improving as we work to squash bugs and release new features. Here’s the improvements you’ll find in the latest release:

What's been fixed or improved?

Approve and next

The existing 'Approve' option for artwork proofing has been replaced with a new 'Approve and Next' option. When clicked, this will instantly approve the artwork and check if there are any other artwork items to approve, taking the user to the next artwork item. The current option to ‘Approve only’ is still available through a dropdown.

Download specific campaign items

We have added a new dropdown option to our campaign projects to enable users to 'Select Items to…'. One of the new options is 'Download'. This will take the user to a screen where they can pick project items that they wish to download and receive a .ZIP file containing the items selected.

Delete specific campaign items

In addition to above, another new option to the 'Select Items to…' dropdown is 'Delete'. This will take the user to a screen where they can pick project items that they wish to delete, and once confirmed will be removed from the project.

Up-to-date production spreadsheet for campaign projects

A new option has been added to the Campaign Project page for “Download Latest”. This new functionality enables users to download a campaign Production Spreadsheet that includes all generated artwork items, including any updates that have been made to the artwork as part of the approval process, resulting in a spreadsheet that includes all campaign data that can be reuploaded to generate campaign artwork in its most recent state.

Expanded formula support on data imports

Prior to this release, Mauve was only able to support a small subset of the available formula within Excel. We now support 99% of all formula available within Excel. The only exceptions are formulas that produce results across multiple rows/columns, such as TRANSPOSE and FREQUENCY.

Viewing the Store Profile

A new area has been added to sites for Profiling. The new option on the menu gives store users the ability to see their assigned Types, Grades and Assets, as well as their Group, Region, and Area.

Priority Orders

A new option has been added for Head Office users to enable orders to be marked as Priority. When an order is marked as a Priority order, it will appear within the order listings for warehouses, with a marker to signify the state, as well as appearing when priority orders are searched for.

Product counts on dispatch

To facilitate easier cross checking on large orders, we have now added counts representing the total ordered and dispatched quantities, with the dispatched quantity updating as changes are made to the dispatch.

Order Export Report

An additional column has been added to the ‘Order Export’ report that lists the ‘order reason’ for each order placed by a store.

Symbols appearing as encoded values on reports

On several spreadsheet reports, it was noted that certain symbol characters, such as £, were being returned using their encoded values e.g. £. This has now been resolved, with the characters now being returned in their correct form.

Error when viewing 'all' for stock increments as a warehouse

It's now possible to perform an Order Import for the same organisation, but with a different delivery address.

Error when submitting an order

We have identified and fixed a sporadic issue resulting in the user being taken to the error page when attempting to place an order.

'New Site Setting' for 'Max orders per calendar month before authorisation is required' is not working correctly

It has been noted that the setting 'Max orders per calendar month before authorisation is required' was not performing its intended function due to conflict with other settings. This has now been resolved, with the system now sending the order for approval if any of the criteria is met.

Orders placed by Head Office users on behalf of store do not bypass authorisation

It was noted that the configuration for “Orders placed by users at the store require authorisation” was factoring in Head Office users as well, meaning that their orders were also being sent for approval. This has now been resolved.

Project items search page showing items from Deleted Projects

Further checks have now been added to prevent items from appearing in the project item search when the project has been removed from the system.

Availability check on download of artwork

A check has been added to ensure that a user can no longer download the artwork from a deleted project when retaining a page after project deletion either via another tab or by another user while accessing the project.

Production order export issues

A fix has been added to the report to ensure the columns are aligned in the report tabs ‘Mauve Order Export’ and ‘Internal Account Upload’. The addition of NI country code has been added to the country column. This is for Specsavers only.

If you'd like any more information on any of the features, please contact us.