How a leading UK supermarket saved over £400,000 in agency costs

The Challenge

With escalating agency costs for manually creating and amending campaign artwork, a leading UK supermarket asked if we could help.

Our Solution

With MauveTech‘s online proofing system removing artwork proofing from email, we enabled collaboration between proofers, allowed everyone to view the latest version, and gave the agency a clear list of amendments. This stopped the agency receiving many conflicting amendment requests, all of which were chargeable. The average number of rounds of amendments before approval was reduced from 7.4 to 2.2, meaning that artwork was approved quicker and money saved.

Working closely with the marketing department, we identified that much of the artwork could be created through automation. An increasing number of templates were created, allowing finished artwork to be created by simply uploading an Excel spreadsheet. This included items that they previously considered untemplatable, containing detailed specifications and table data for laptops and tablets. This was not limited to ticketing – shelf edge labels over 1.3 metres were templated, along with 3×1.4 metre giant banners. Being able to instantly amend the artwork while proofing, all campaign artwork can be approved in a single process.

The Result

MauveTech‘s automated artwork generation and online proofing saved the supermarket over £400,000 a year in agency costs, and reduced lead time from 7 weeks to 1 week.

  • Substantially reduced the number of versions to sign-off
  • Collaboration on proofing corrections
  • Instant proofing changes
  • Clear set of amendment requests for agency
  • Amends tracked against artwork versions
  • Templated all campaign and range artwork
  • Artwork generated in minutes
  • The trading team generated and proofed artwork for their product ranges
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