Consolidating GNFR Deliveries

Increased visibility and cost savings for Toolstation


Toolstation Store Front

The Challenge

Toolstation had GNFR goods located in distribution centres (DCs), here at Mauveworx, and others delivered directly from suppliers into stores. Stores were getting multiple deliveries throughout the working week, or day, taking store staff away from their role serving customers. Head Office also had low visibility of how much stock they were holding, were dealing with varying lead times, and increased cost from being stored across multiple locations. Stores also didn't know where orders were, when they’d arrive, or who could answer questions about it.

Our Solution

Toolstation were already using the MauveTech platform for their print and POS, so we worked with them to use the platform to help bring their GNFR from their DCs into our MauveFulfilment warehouse. We liaised with their preferred suppliers and brought all goods into Mauveworx to be held in our single storage location.

The Result

All stores could now go into the one MauveTech platform and order an array of GNFR such as print and POS, catalogues, screens, fixtures and fittings. 50-60% of deliveries were not just items we’d produced, but from other suppliers. We now deliver all goods to each store in one delivery, and can even be delivered next day if ordered before midday. This has resulted in reduced delivery costs and fewer queries from stores to retail support.

Head Office now has increased visibility including stock alerts that flag up at defined levels, and a reduction in time to locate suppliers and order goods. Toolstation were able to move stock out of their DC to put products in instead of GNFR, to focus on selling and stocking more products. We continue to work with Toolstation to consolidate as much as possible and deliver on a weekly or fortnightly basis, while certain priority items can be delivered as soon as possible. They're also looking into us taking on even more GNFR including coffee, tea, etc.

"I think probably the biggest testament is that we get far less feedback from branches about things going missing, items not being delivered, delivered late, questions around what items they should put where in a store, how to merchandise a store, because the information is better.

Because of the data and the use of the access to the data and the MauveTech platform being in place, we know with a product launch or a catalogue launch, we know what percentages that's hit, so immediately we've got those numbers at our fingertips. We know we've got the information, if something's gone missing, we know which store it is and when it was or wasn't signed for. Having that better management information, we get far less queries coming into the marketing team, which again means that those guys can focus on key projects rather than the administration of them.”

Greg Richardson
Head of Marketing at Toolstation

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