How We Work

Process and Pricing

Unlike other fulfilment centres, we don’t provide off-the-shelf fulfilment. Instead, we take time to understand and discuss your needs and then present a tailored solution.

Who works with us?

We specialise in fulfilment for brands, focusing on direct-to-consumer sales. We have no minimum order volumes, so it's perfect for startups and SMEs alike.

Our facility is designed and optimised for small, lightweight products, and our pricing is geared to fast-moving lines – we are a fulfilment centre, not a storage house.

eCommerce Fulfilment Scanning Barcode

The Onboarding Journey

  1. Introductory Call
    Allow our fulfilment specialist to understand your fulfilment requirements and allow us to produce a tailored proposal. Questions will be related to your inventory, order volumes, storage requirements and any issues you're currently facing.
  2. Tailored Proposal
    Within 48 hours of the introductory call, we'll provide you with a tailored proposal for the required fulfilment services.
  3. Demo
    As part of the proposal, we'll give you access to organise a system demonstration.
  4. Visit
    We'll invite you down to our fulfilment centre for a tour. If a visit isn't possible, we'll organise a virtual tour.
  5. Contract
    After all your queries have been answered and commercials are agreed, we'll supply you our terms and contract, and once signed the journey can really begin.
  6. Transition Planning
    We'll agree on a comprehensive plan with milestones and timelines to eliminate business disruption and deliver a smooth switch to us.
  7. Access to MauveFulfilment WMS
    A demo will be provided by MauveFulfilment and you'll have the chance to explore all the eCommerce fulfilment features before going live.
  8. Inventory Upload
    A CSV will be provided so that your inventory can be uploaded to our warehouse in bulk prior to stock arriving.
  9. Sales Channel Linking
    With your authorisation, we'll install your first two sales channels, and then provide training on connecting further channels.
  10. Shipping Services
    We'll then work with you to map your shipping. These can be configured by sales channel, weight and value.
  11. Testing
    We'll then run some testing on each core fulfilment process - from receiving your goods, to despatching an order.
  12. Go Live
    Once testing is completed, we're ready to put our fulfilment in action - receiving and despatching your items.

Want to know more? Get in touch today

Contact us to arrange an introductory call to discuss your future situation, ambitions and any barriers you're coming across. 

We'll then create a tailored proposal including pricing, a demo of our platform, and invite you for a tour of our facility.


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