Vichy Minéral 89 Case Study: Digital and Print Advertising

Vichy Mineral 89 OOH Shopping Centre Advertising

The Challenge

Our long-term clients, Vichy, asked the MauveCreative team to create high-impact, stand-out creative to showcase the Minéral 89 product and key messages, and ensure consistency across various out of home (OOH) placements in UK mall and rail networks.

The digital and print artwork had to continue to drive awareness and increase Minéral 89’s position as the icon of the Vichy brand, with distinctive assets that showcased the product’s superiority and medical authority. It was important to differentiate across creative while ensuring a consistent look and feel.

Our Solution

Taking the raw content from another market, we designed a range of video and static advertising creative specifically to suit the UK market and channels. We worked to the set of specifications for each channel and made sure that the messaging and creative was consistent at every touchpoint.

For the digital advertising channels, we created animation that made sure the messaging was attention-grabbing and clear for an on-the-move audience.

The Result

We successfully showcased the key messaging in every asset for each touchpoint, both in print and digital. The Vichy team were delighted with the results, with the four-week campaign ending on +38% in EPOS, totalling more than 5 million impressions.

Vichy Poster Advertising Animated
Vichy Digital Video Online Advertising Animated
Vichy Digital Mobile Advertising
Vichy Print Magazine Advertising
Vichy Print Magazine Advertising
Vichy Shopping Mall Digital Advertising
Libby Brand Manager Vichy
“I needed high impact, stand-out creatives that showcased our best-selling hydrating serum and key messages with consistency across various OOH placements across UK mall and rail networks.
Working with Mauveworx made the whole process simple as they were able to adapt creative to spec that not only enabled seamless branding on and offline, by mirroring our content being used in other consumer touchpoints, but also added expertly timed animation that made sure the messaging was attention-grabbing and clear for an on-the-move audience.
The campaign was a huge success - we finished the 4-week campaign on +38% in EPOS and totalled more than 5 million impressions.”

Libby Wilsher-Ellis
Brand Manager - Vichy

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