The Basics of Visual Merchandising


Every day consumers are steered, and buying habits are influenced by, a series of carefully-chosen in store product placements. The research and programs at each retailer’s disposal are key to maximising sales, as predicting customer purchases increasingly becomes an exact science.For starters, the crucial tool that can be used to maximise sales is the ‘planogram’, […]

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Renaissance time for physical stores?


From one standpoint, the future of brick-and-mortar stores is unsettled: some of the UK’s best-loved high street retailers have closed their doors or downscaled dramatically. It is unnerving stuff, but on the other hand, 90% of retail purchases made in the U.S., in the last quarter of 2018, were made in-person and in-store, which can […]

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The Value of In Store Media Engagement

Social media

Given the success of online shopping services (cheers, Jeff Bezos), you’d be forgiven for assuming that physical retail sales might be on the concurrent decline. In truth, it is in store that 90% of retail sales take place, according to eMarketer, which suggests that the physical retail industry is very much alive-and-kicking. In spite of […]

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